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Banner Pens – The Ultimate in Promotional Pens

Customized full color offset printed on both sides of pull out banner. Free shipping and No setup cost! Delivery to worldwide addresses. As a Chinese banner pens manufacturer, we currently offer type of shipment, by express to your door or by sea to your near port. The by sea shipment is welcomed by many clients order 20,000 or more to cut their cost. As prices are almost half compare to by express. Just need to plan a little early. (By express is less than 4 weeks to your door, by sea take about 60 days)

You can not only custom the artwork on banner pen, but also the banner pen barrel color! We can work on different barrel color combination according to your requirements.

Banner Pen USA, Banner Pens USAIt’s amazing! Simple ideas just work!
Banner pens are effective attention grabbers. When the scrolling banner is first revealed, it is often completely unexpected and surprising. Banner Pens cleverly capitalise on the element of surprise. When it comes to printed advertising, attraction is the first step in the delivery of your message. A banner pen delivers your message with clout and undivided attention. Banner pens just work!

Banner Pen with a big message

Essentially a banner pen is a full colour, double sided promotional flyer. Your banner pen will deliver 40 square inches of valuable message space to your customers – that’s almost 500 percent more than the average business card. The genuine banner pen has a 180mm x 68mm (wide) spring loaded retractable banner inside. A practical product with a big message that is focused on repeated delivery.


Banner Pens are a great conversation piece 

Hand someone a DL sized flyer and you can be sure it will either end up buried in a pile of similar marketing collateral or in the bin. Give them a banner pen and your message will more likely be read over and over as your clients show it off at meetings, parties and other social occasions.

The banner pen is the best “LOOK AT THIS” promotional product EVER! Your message will spread like wildfire in the hands of your newly found advocates. Banner Pens are a great conversation piece.

Order your customized amazing banner pen at www bayfan.com! Delivery time will 4 weeks to your door by courier like DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT. If you are in hurry, we also offer 15-days urgent delivery service.

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